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Alan Carey San Francisco

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Alan Carey San Francisco

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San Francisco

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Alan Carey Expertise

I have over 20 years of experience in data warehousing and big data technologies.  I have extensive expertise with modeling tools (Erwin), OLTP and OLAP environments, performance tuning, business intelligence, reporting tools, and many RDBMS systems.

I have been instrumental in the growth of all my previous employers  with new process and technology in the database field as well as having hundreds of successful deployments through the entire software development lifecycle.

My past big data projects include Hadoop clusters with JSON data and Datameer as the ETL and analysis tool.

I have used a number of modeling tools including Erwin, ER Studio and System Architect.  I follow a process that is model-driven, output oriented, requirement driven, Iterative (database refactoring), and based on the entire enterprise data needs.  I generally follow a 3rd normal form for my OLTP models.  For OLAP models, I follow a dimensional approach that includes defining the business process, the grain, the dimensions and the measures.

I have an Oracle certification and I am very familiar with other databases including Terdata, Sybase IQ, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2.  My reporting tools experience includes Business Objects, MicroStrategy, Tableau, and Actimize.  I am familiar with a large number of ETL tools including Informatica, SSIS, Data Stage and Ab Initio.

My latest developments have been using AWS EMR clusters to try and determine the best SQL engine and table formats.  I have also been utilizing Python to load data into the various test engines.

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